I love summer nights, deep belly laughs, genuine people, sweets for days and the kind of dream clients that are always up to try new things (oh and a good summer drink, cant leave that out)! If you have been looking for a photographer that feels like you have been friends for a lifetime, look no further. I can't wait to meet you!

with Dl photography

Hey, it's me!

I am sure you saw the photo right next to this before you even began reading. You may be wondering, "why is that little boy's face covered?" A lot of people don't know this about me. We are foster parents. That little boy in the photo is my foster son and has been since we got him from the hospital at just a month old. I questioned putting this photo on here because of this reason. I can't legally show his face but in our home and our hearts he is just like the rest of my children and I can't just leave him out and pretend that he isn't apart of who I am. So here you have it, my family! 
My oldest is 21 years old down to my youngest at 3.5 years. The title says "what makes me who I am today" , These people right here make me who I am. I had my son when I was 14 years old. We grew up together and experienced more than we ever should have together but he is now my best friend and the best kid you could ever ask for. Becoming a parent so young is exactly what has defined my entire life. It has made me mature at a very young age, made me realize what is actually important in life and made want to pursue my happiness and passion even more. They have molded me into the goofy mom, the outgoing person that always wants more friends, the person that always dreams too big and has goals that may be out of this world but these people right here are the ones that made your photographer that you are about to book, the best version of herself.  

what makes me who i am today


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